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An uneasy peace has settled over Khorvaire since the Treaty of Thronehold signaled the end of the Last War, but not all is quiet on the continent. As each nation jockeys for supremacy in the new status quo, powerful and sinister organizations use their vast resources to influence the course of history from behind the scenes. In Breland, the heart of civilization, one agency exists to unravel the dark conspiracies which ensnare the continent, and to preserve the Brelish way of life. These men and women serve under King Boranel himself, acting as his glimmers in darkness.

James Bond meets high fantasy. The player characters are agents of the Brelish crown’s chief protectors: the King’s Citadel. Specifically, they belong to the branch known as the Dark Lanterns, an elite and secretive agency tasked with international espionage and information gathering. In terms of the campaign, this means that the characters will travel to every corner of Khorvaire investigating strange plots, infiltrating enemy compounds, and battling minions, henchmen, and supervillains alike. Reality level: cinematic.

The campaign consists of 20 sequential missions– continent-spanning assignments from the characters’ patron agency– one for each character level. A mission is essentially a self-contained adventure which should take players 1-4 sessions to complete, but each mission also advances the ongoing plot of the campaign one step.

It is assumed that several weeks or months pass between each mission, giving the players adequate downtime.


The King’s Dark Lanterns do not accept foreigners into the organization; thus, all characters must be native to Breland. The organization also does not recruit illiterate or religious agents, though literate barbarians and clerics who worship abstract concepts rather than gods are acceptable. Dragonmarked characters are allowed to join only if they break all ties to their house.

Players are encouraged to create characters with stealth, combat, and subterfuge in mind. Paladins may have a bit of trouble operating on the shady side of the law, but are not necessarily banned (and may in fact foster an interesting party dynamic). Changelings represent an especially powerful character choice, though members of that race whose true natures are discovered are universally mistrusted.

Finally, in the name of genre emulation, Lanterns in the Dark is likely to contain several chase scenes using various modes of transportation (foot, wagon, dinosaur, airship, etc.).

Ideal Group

While most fans of the action/espionage genre will enjoy this campaign, the ideal group prefers finding their own solutions to problems rather than being led by the nose through an adventure. The most common formula of the campaign’s missions is to set up a situation and present a few leads, but allow the characters to decide how they will act on this information. The group may decide to complete most of their objectives through violence, stealth, diplomacy, or some combination of the three, but the decision is generally theirs to make.

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